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Direction Finding Road Test

Oh yeah! Under 90 seconds to locate a DMR trunked system! Now that is a successful DF mission 🙂

This … Read the rest

KrakenSDR Setup

I recently received a KrakenSDR device used for Direction Finding, from the team over at RTL-SDR.COM.

Having never played … Read the rest

Playing with rdio-scanner

Now this has serious potential! Turning an SDR-based receiving system into a mobile hardware scanner with an old laptop and … Read the rest

What’s in my travel bag?

When I’m traveling around, I always have Software Defined Radios and often hardware scanners with me. I like to be … Read the rest

Does the Youloop antenna receive VHF?

How well can a YouLoop receive on VHF, UHF & 700/800 MHz? I have often been asked if this $35 … Read the rest

My Loop on Ground HAM antenna worked!

I’m not a very “handy” man. In fact I really don’t enjoy construction projects at all, and try to avoid … Read the rest

Sometimes it all goes wrong!

But even when it does, there all is not lost!

In this video I set out to monitor a bunch … Read the rest

How to choose a Step Up SDR

Mostly the Frugal Radio channel has focused on budget SDRs like the RTL-SDR v3 and NooElec SMArt units.

These cost … Read the rest

Decoding Fire & EMS MDT pages

In some juristictions it is possible to monitor and decode Fire & EMS pager traffic.
Hospital pagers are also quite … Read the rest

Decoding HFDL with a Web SDR!

You don’t even need your own SDR radio or antenna to begin decoding HFDL signals.
In this episode we looked … Read the rest

HFDL Resources

If you’ve watched my recent video on decoding High Frequency Data Link signals (HFDL), then this is the page you’ll … Read the rest

Make a low cost HF Dipole

I took an old electrical extension cord that someone was throwing away, and have been using it to receive signals … Read the rest

Beginner Guide to Decoding Satellite ACARS

There is just something really exciting about receiving and decoding messages from space. And if you are also an aviation … Read the rest

NooElec Inmarsat Bundle Review

If you are looking to get started with decoding L Band satellite data going to aircraft, this is one bundle … Read the rest

Listening to Long Range HF aviation Communications

The HF bands are alive and well with aviation related communications. Within the last week, from my location in Edmonton, … Read the rest

Decoding VHF ACARS messages with SDR

ACARS are messages transmitted via VHF from aircraft to ground stations, and back again. These messages contain many kinds of … Read the rest

RTL-SDR L-Band Patch Antenna Giveaway

This is a free to enter Giveaway. No purchase is required to participate.

YouTube is not a sponsor, or … Read the rest

Monitoring Aviation Communications – Intro

I first discovered an aircraft transmission by accident when I was just 11 years old. An airliner was flying nearby … Read the rest

2020 SDR Guide Ep 9 – decoding P25 LSM

This video is a demo of using DSDPlus Fastlane (the paid edition) to monitor a very large P25 LSM (Simulcast) … Read the rest

2020 SDR Guide Episode 8 – FM Broadcast Filter

In this video, I demonstrated the effectiveness of the $16 Nooelec Flamingo FM Band Stop Filter. The purpose of … Read the rest

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