I’m not a very “handy” man. In fact I really don’t enjoy construction projects at all, and try to avoid them at all costs. But once in a while I’ll build up the courage to give something a try – and I’ll even film it for YouTube!

Over the years I had heard about the KK5JY Loop on Ground antenna. It was reported to work well in high RF noise environments, like the typical “Urban Sprawl”.

I decided it would be worth giving it a shot. I braved the cold and snow and constructed a Loop on Ground (LoG) amateur radio antenna within about 30 minutes. Here’s the video, which also includes the reception results.

I was pleased with how it worked out, and picked up signals from Australia – over 16,000 miles from my location in Western Canada. Woo hoo!


I used a NooElec Balun 9:1 barebones as my transformer.
An enclosed version would have been even better – but I don’t own one…yet!

I also used an RTL-SDR AM Broadcast Band Stop filter. I have 3 very powerful AM broadcast transmitters within 10km of my house, and this device makes it possible to receive HF. Without it, I get terrible reception.

I used Speaker Wire as my antenna cable
RG6 cable was my coax of choice.
I used an AirSpy HF+ Discovery as my Software Defined Radio. I highly recommend this SDR for HF monitoring.

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