I first discovered an aircraft transmission by accident when I was just 11 years old. An airliner was flying nearby and transmitted. Although I only had a standard FM radio like the one in the photo below, I happened to receive the transmission.

Discovering a new world of radio

I remember my Dad telling me that you don’t usually hear aircraft transmissions on the FM radio part of the spectrum, but he explained that aircraft have an entire chunk of spectrum for talking to Air Traffic Controllers.

I was completely intrigued, and wanted to know more, so within a few weeks, Dad helped me source a cheap airband radio.

It wasn’t a particularly high quality piece of equipment, but it received 118-136 MHz which was enough to let me hear the aircraft communicating with ATC. I was thrilled.

Over the years I have continued to monitor lots of aviation signals, and that is what this series is about. Aircraft transmit a serious amount of voice and data traffic, and now it is possible to receive and decode these transmissions with some frugal hardware.

old airband radio

This intro video talks about the various aspects of Monitoring Aviation Communications that will be forthcoming in the series. I hope you decide to follow along!

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