Over the years I have used many antennas on my scanners. When monitoring public safety systems I tend to switch to a 700/800 MHz antenna.

When monitoring air band signals, I previously used a longer Watson or Diamond antenna on my Uniden BC125AT or BCD325P2.

When searching around online for antenna options, I kept reading about Broadsword antennas. Quite a few people were having great success using them in combination with their scanners. And they are a well priced option.

I contacted Darren, who makes each antenna by hand, who was kind enough to send me a couple of samples. In this video I compared signal strength on the antenna with the standard Uniden antenna supplied with scanners, and the Watson antenna I was using frequently.

I was pleased to discover how well the Broadsword D1000 worked.

I receive no commission from Broadsword for recommending their products. However I am pleased to recommend this particular antenna because I was able to hear (and see on my SDR display) the difference over stock, and I want you to be aware of a great frugal option.

Darren operates from the UK, but offers shipping to other locations at minimal cost.

It works well as a VHF airband antenna since it is correctly tuned for that part of the radio spectrum.

The Broadsword products are available via Facebook and eBay.