Are you interested in monitoring en route Air Traffic Control communications?
If so, you’ve found the right episode!

In this video I give an explanation of how to receive ARTCC / Centre frequencies in the VHF band. I also provided links to a couple of maps that show the location of transmitter sites in the USA and UK. Episode links are located below!

A little time was also given to VHF Oceanic Clearance frequencies and Aviation Company frequencies.

Here is a link to the episode on the Frugal Radio YouTube channel

Links from this episode

How Air Traffic Control Works by wendover Productions

The UK NATS YouTube channel has many interesting videos on Air Traffic Control

Radio Reference is an excellent free resource for US & Canadian users to find frequencies

Radio Reference UK may be a good resource for UK users, but runs on a subscription model

USA ARTCC map of transmitter sites from MilRadioComms – you can make the map full screen to read easier

UK NATS aviation transmitter locations map – like the above map, you can click on the pins to see frequency information for each transmitter site